Gd Dorigo

Where new ideas take shape and where experimentation turns into success Design has always been one of the main strategic levers with which GD DORIGO displays its ability to distinguish itself in the world of manufacturers of internal doors. It all begins in a “Made in Italy laboratory” where new ideas take shape and construction experiments are carried out. From here they are transformed into successful doors like those developed with the contribution of leading designers such as GIUGIARO. Interaction with designers of international standing has consolidated the company’s leaning towards taste and style, which over time have become the fundamental cornerstones for the continuous development of the range. Technology and know-how regarding materials completes the picture and ensures the lab has a fundamental role to play in subsequent serial production processes. Brand Reputation Like many Italian companies that were created and developed during the second half of the twentieth century, the family name of the founding entrepreneurs is also the company name. It’s an aspect that, over time, has consolidated the stated and perceived value of an entity that knows how to lead markets. It’s an identity that has become consolidated with the use of the brand, which can be seen on every product and every aspect that accompanies the product around the world, confirming the value of that sign and providing a reminder of a name that has become recognised in its specific sector. A recent slight restyling has further reinforced its marketing power and modernised the corporate identity and corporate communication. The reputation of the brand speaks for itself with over forty years on the market and with an infinite number of doors that open and close the way to domestic and professional spaces around the world on a daily basis. Made in Italy ambassadors The value and recognition of GD DORIGO as a representative of Made in Italy translates into specific development and commercial promotion policies used in markets across the world. It’s a direction that has progressively characterised the company in recent years, in aiming to compete on a wider scale and capitalise on the experience and quality that makes a real difference in many countries. Interpretation, or rather globalisation, is always interpreted as being a key strategy for succeeding and understanding how to become active and significant protagonists in target countries. A great deal of attention is dedicated to personalising products for single countries and different cultures, while still respecting the quality of Italian construction. The managers who follow each single market act as a filter between the culture of that country and the company. This also permits a focussed and customised approach.

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Domus, through its wide experience and long existence in the market, brings to provide only the most high quality selection of kitchens, doors, bedrooms and wardrobes.

High end designs, either in classic, simple or modern lines. We have carefully selected and present to you the best products in the market, which luxurious moments in your every day life.