Santa Lucia

Passion for quality The origins of what is today one of the largest Italian furniture companies, go back to 1965, when, at Prata di Pordenone a craft workshop was born, as its foundations, the passion for wood and home furniture. In the years of the economic boom, the new requirements and life styles, motivated by rapid societal transformations, changed even the conception governing furnishing which moved away from simple functionality, opening itself up to new influences. In these years, the Santa Lucia furniture company came on the scene, able to interpret the changes in taste via the product variety and design, providing affordable prices and production logic which naturally formed part of the manufacturing stage, continually in development. In just a single decade, the small workshop developed up until the point where the production area reaches 40,000 squared meters and the company employs over 180 persons, becoming a large company and securing a prime position within the Alto Livenza furniture district which represents one of the most important on a worldwide scale. At present, Santa Lucia furniture also has a second 13,000 squared meters production site, built in record time in 2005, with ever greater state-of-the-art production and management systems all thanks to constant investment, boasting quality renowned on an international level and contemporary night and day collections, which always stylishly anticipate future trends. Technology, spirit of the future Within the Santa Lucia sites, we find quality workmanship where attention to details fuses with automation technology and effectiveness. The production equipment features all the most modern systems overseeing the processing of category E1 wood particle boards with low formaldehyde content, according to European Standard, UNI EN309. The processing centres carry out all stages with precision, resulting from specific technological and research investment policies. Following sectioning, finishing, drilling and the pantographing, the various painting cycles ensue, up until the automated assembly and packaging and dispatch with barcode. Production management is constantly monitored by a technical supervision system which ensures perfect functioning of the entire work flow, maintaining the quality standards, reminiscent of the brand. Automation and the industrial design of the large volumes have not cancelled out the attention paid to customer requirements which characterises the superior craftsmanship. A specialist department oversees the creation of “oversize” models in order to always meet specific requests, demonstrating in any given context, the passion for made in Italy furniture which governs all operation choices. A question of style For Santa Lucia, creating furniture signifies creating an environment where the life style can freely reign, where the choices made can be based upon quality proposals boasting openly aesthetic values, where furniture of times past embodies contemporary trends. Every year, rooms and living rooms with new living requirement criteria, come to life, all thanks to a design which, on the quest for the uncharted, unites effectiveness of consolidated dynamics, with attentive pricing policy able to attract a large market segment. An international network of professionals Alongside the expansion of the production forces and the continual renewal of collections, comes the continual expansion of the sales forces. Santa Lucia is present all over Italy with more than 50 regional agents, genuine sales consultants, able to provide a full and qualified service to retailers. The reach of the network represents an essential Santa Lucia marketing feature, the most reliable way of getting to know customer requirements and in order to be able to provide sales and after-sales assistance: the best support for securing the loyalty necessary for an effective distribution policy. Attention which does not waiver irrelevant of whether the company reference area is continually growing and has for some time reached International level. In essence, outside of Italy, the Santa Lucia collections have been successful in Europe, Russia and have presently made their appearance in South America. This International expansion is owing to the unanimous recognition of the philosophy relative to complete quality, upheld by the company: state-of-the art technology, cost control and therefore price limitation, strict attention to details, continual attention to aesthetics and solid business relations to ensure the complete satisfaction of the entire sales chain.

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