Passionate about kitchens for generations We have been producing tailor-made kitchens for over 65 years. Ours is a wealth of experience built up over a long history of both tradition and innovation. Craftsmanship and technological research are the solid guarantees of quality and long life that have always distinguished our kitchens. Design for life, passion for life always The word design can refer to both a drawing and a plan. For Snaidero, creating a design means assuming the responsibility to first trace out and then develop a complete and harmonious idea about the world. With its dynamic and fully culturally-aware approach, Snaidero is able to channel the entire company process towards this end: manufacturing, the distribution of resources and customer relations. In all this there is a firm aspiration to contribute to the creation of a balance that is able to involve both subjects, the manufacturer and the consumer. Both of these subjects are however considered the only way Snaidero believes possible, on a human level, now more than ever at the centre of any conceptual and design approach. We have often set out to design socially responsible products and ended up designing socially responsible processes as well. It is now possible – and therefore necessary – to contribute to the design of responsible personal behaviour. Ours and yours, in full collaboration and according to different attitudes. Choosing quality, with no compromises Quality is not just a word for Snaidero: it is a value. And like you, we have never compromised on quality. Our aim has always been to improve your life, by improving the quality of the time and space dedicated to the kitchen in your home. This is a commitment and pact of trust that we have honoured for over 65 years, designing and manufacturing kitchens that are 100% Made in Italy. This means kitchens with extraordinary designs, made-to-measure and made using eco-sustainable materials and processes. The result of advanced technologies combined with craftsmanship in every single detail. The ideal choice and solid solution for those looking for a kitchen able to adapt to any space and stand the test of time.  Eco-sustainability by convinction, not just for certification Aiming for sustainable growth. We see sustainable growth as an opportunity rather than a restriction. The opportunity to contribute, in our small way, to providing for the needs of the present without compromising the possibility of future generations to do the same. This is why we work hard every day to look beyond standards and certifications, orienting our decisions towards improving well-being in the home. We innovate in the present in order to design the future Customised solutions combined with solid design. In aiming for these clear objectives for the present and future, Snaidero draws on the experience and industrial skills of the entire Group. In this way it has been able to optimise the manufacturing process, develop new technologies and reduce waste. All this to be able to design even more creative, advanced modern products: an extraordinary commitment aimed at improving quality of life in the kitchen for everyone. At the cutting edge, in terms of creativity and processes Over 65 years of experience in the world of kitchens told through our continuously evolving advertising campaigns. A long history of creativity, irony and being at the cutting edge. And quality of life. A truly Italian story.

About us


Domus, through its wide experience and long existence in the market, brings to provide only the most high quality selection of kitchens, doors, bedrooms and wardrobes.

High end designs, either in classic, simple or modern lines. We have carefully selected and present to you the best products in the market, which luxurious moments in your every day life.